Monday, January 12, 2009

Why We Need Arts in School: Evidence

Throughout time, the arts have tapped into the gathering storms, illuminated changes in consciousness, and captured the spirit of the times in ways that no historian, politician, or blogger can.

As the debate about 21st century skills flows on, I saw two responses from artists today. Author/illustrator/educator Peter H. Reynolds has created a portrait of the 21st Century kid that can be viewed at the Verizon Thinkfinity Web site. I love it that his kid has a guitar slung on his back. (Reynolds also has a wonderful blog Stellar Cafe).

Jamie Cullum has written a song. I think the lyrics to 21st Century Kid (below the video) are something to ponder.

21st Century Kid
There's maybe a way I can tell you
Cos with everyday things continue
To get more compromised
So who will fantasise
A new generation politicised

When things are done in our own name
Are we as much to blame
Now it's become clear to me
But only lately
And the ground is removed underneath

Shout it from the brink
You’re louder than you think

21st century kid surrounded by illusion and confusion
So maybe if you're holding out for the truth now
Could it be the greatest weapon
Could it be the greatest weapon
Your weapon

Nothing is certain except a memory
And that's soon washed away by a low sea
Now sit yourself down my one
And see what you become
Ignoring a smouldering gun

The white dove's flown
D'ya think we're on our own


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb:
Do you know this report - Learning, the Arts, and the Brain - from The Dana Foundation?,%20Arts%20and%20the%20Brain_ArtsAndCognition_Compl.pdf

- Josie

Deborah Vrabel said...

Yes, I've read that report, but thanks for reminding me of it. I should probably delve into that again soon. So many pieces to put together.